Confronting death and living in fear challenge the very notion of childhood (Kotlowitz 1991).

A World of Light and Shadows, Change Ensemble’s new project, is already on its way, featuring new music for voice, saxophone quartet, electric guitar, percussion and electronics.

A world of light and shadows it is been developed with the kind support of Fonds Podiumkunsten.

Change ensemble is a dynamic group of artists dedicated to developing and performing new work that lies outside of genre-specific categorisations.

The ensemble is formed by outstanding musicians with very diverse backgrounds that range from contemporary classical to jazz and pop. Some of the members are regarded as the most creative performers and composers of the Dutch jazz and improvised scene, and some other members perform regularly with internationally renowned orchestras such as the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, Rotterdam Philharmonic, Antwerp Symphony, Ludwig Orchestra and Metropole Orkest.

The group works primarily on conceptual album-based projects with a unique instrumentation that brings a fresh sound and a new perspective to the classical and non-classical traditions, resulting in works unrivalled in their beauty, imagination and complexity.

The ensemble is led by composer Rodrigo Faina, who deeply believes in presenting excellent and emotionally communicative music, which transcends conventional and outdated genre distinctions.



New solo works for Bass Clarinet, Violin, Trombone, Bass Flute, Harp, Electric Guitar and Accordion. Featuring Victor Belmonte, Roberto Alonso Trillo, Liesbeth Vreeburg, Ilse Ejsink, Marieke Franssen and Nikola Tanaskovic.

EACH HOUR OF MAN is a living place in our existence that occurs only once, irreplaceable forever. Herein lies the tension of life, its greatness, the possibility that the elusive fleetingness of time is filled with absolute instants, so that, when looking back, the long journey appears to us as the unraveling of sacred days, inscribed in different times or different epochs. 

Ernesto Sabato, La resistencia

Big cities can cause excitement and vertigo, and at the same time they generate anxiety, seeming to spread an immense cloak of loneliness and indifference over us. 

Despite being surrounded by thousands of people, we tend to live isolated, immersed in our thoughts, secluded, overwhelmed by work and without interacting with other people for days. The endless working hours, enormous distances and multiple commitments seem to distance us from ourselves, and that generates a deep anguish. 

Electric Landscapes and Lonely People is an album that aims to portray the life of seven different characters that feel lost in the vastness of an imaginary city. Although every character has their own story and their own hopes and dreams, there is something in common between all of them, a common thread: the feeling of loneliness. 

Electric Landscapes and Lonely People it is been developed with the kind support of Amarte Fonds.