List of Works

‘Cuervos en casa’ ( for Large Orchestra, Double mixed choir and Four solo voices )

‘Awfully together’ ( for Jazz Orchestra, fixed media and live electronics )

‘Dreams‘ ( for Radio Orchestra )

‘Colectivo’ ( for Jazz Orchestra, female Voice and two accordions )

‘Differences’ ( for Radio Orchestra and solo Guitar )

‘You can Talk to me’ ( for solo Flute )

‘Detach’ ( for solo Piano )

‘El mar en calma’ ( for Oboe and Piano )

‘When you come to see me I’ll be already gone‘ ( For Clarinet, Piano and String orchestra )

‘Imposible’ ( for Piano, Violin. Clarinet, four loud speakers, pre-recorded instruments, fixed media and live electronics )

‘A nocturnal sun’  (for eight instruments)

‘Dans le bleu cristal du matin’ ( for wind ensemble and Double Bass )

‘An endless night’ (for nine instruments)

‘Portrait of two cities’ (for large Jazz ensemble and female voice)

I- Instructions on how to wind a watch

II- Instructions on how to cry

‘Invisible’ (for Bass flute and electronics)

 ‘Caminos’ (for student chamber orchestra) 

 ‘Portrait of an Imaginary South’ (For Clarinet and Piano)

‘Imaginario’ (For violin, Clarinet and Piano)

Voices (For Bass Clarinet and Electronics)

‘Properties of an easy chair’ (For Large Jazz Ensemble)

‘The Speech of the bear’  (For Large Jazz Ensemble)

‘Cronopios Blues’ (For Large Jazz Ensemble)

‘Story with no moral’ (For Large Jazz Ensemble)

‘Deep, Dark and Blue’ (For Large Jazz Ensemble)

‘Lost and confused’ (For harp and electronics)

‘Invisible’ (Solo Bandoneon version)

If you are looking for something that is not on the list, please do not hesitate in contacting me.