‘Voices / Second Tango’ (2015)

For Amplified Bass Clarinet, Digital Reverb and Sound Files

Performed by: Ilse Eijsink


‘An instalment of time’ (2015 / TV version)

For Large Jazz Ensemble, String Quartet and Soprano.

The piece was written for the David Kweksilver Big Band and commissioned by Fonds Podiumkunsten. The “original” version of this piece was premiered on October 3rd at the Muziekgebouw aan’ IJ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

This version of the piece was specially written for the Koningsconcert 2015 (King’s concert 2015)  and on that occasion the piece was performed for the royal family. The concert took place at the Energiehuis in Dordrecht, The Nederlands. The concert was broadcast by NPO 2 (Dutch national TV). If you are interested on the broadcast you can watch it on the video section of this website.


‘Imposible’ (2012)  

Trio For Violin, Clarinet, Piano, Fixed Media, Four Loudspeakers, Pre-recorded trio and Electronics.

Perfomed by: Jellantsje de Vries, Violin, Anna voor de Wind, Clarinet, Pascal Meyer, Piano.

This piece is a reflection about real love. It is an attempt to show love for what it really is, an imperfect labyrinth of feelings full of little dark corners. The piece was first inspired by a pop song that talks about how at times it feels impossible to give love.The title makes also reference to a more technical aspect of the piece that has to do with the rhythmic relation between the played music and the pre-recorded music. In some movements of the piece the absolute rhythmic synchronism between the pre-recorded music and the played music  is in fact impossible. This fact is used in certain moments of the piece to create “clouds of pitches” with a particular rhythmic effect.
The piece was first recorded by Pascal Meyer, Anna voor de Wind and Jellantsje de Vries in Amsterdam on June 8th 2012 and, later on, premiered by the DoelenEnsemble on September the 5th 2012 at the GaudeamusMusic Week in Utrecht, The Netherlands.


‘Invisible / Third Tango’ (2015)

For Amplified Bass Flute, Digital Reverb and Sound Files 

Performed by Marieke Franssen

‘Invisible / Third Tango’ (Solo version. 2015)

For Amplified Bass Flute and Digital Reverb

Performed by Marieke Franssen

‘A room full of people’ (2016)

For Large Jazz Ensemble and 2 sound files

Performed by: David Kweksilver Big Band

Live recording from the premiere at Bimhuis, Amsterdam, on 23th December 2016.

‘A Nocturnal Sun’ (2011)

For 8 instruments.

Performed by: Asko|Schoenberg Ensemble / Bas Wiegers

This piece narrates the story of a man who could not cope with his daily life anymore. Overwhelmed by sadness and emotionally unstable, he found himself immobile contemplating his life as if it were someone else’s. The main melodies in this piece represent this man’s voice. We can hear him thinking out loud, wondering about the meaning of his life, about his achievements and failures and about how truthful the love of the people around him really is. Towards the end of the first movement this man decides to let himself die. The second movement of the piece aims to represent this man’s journey towards the afterlife.
A Nocturnal Sun was written for the Asko|Schoenberg ensemble and it was premiered on the 20th of April of 2012 at the WMDC in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


‘An instalment of time’ (2014)

For Large Jazz Ensemble.

The piece was inspired by Julio Cortazar’s book ‘Cronopios and Famas’. It was written for the David Kweksilver Big Band and commissioned by Fonds Podiumkunsten. The premiere took place on October 3rd at the Muziekgebouw aan’ IJ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


‘Differences’ (2009)

For Orchestra.

Performed by: Bulgarian National Radio Symphony / Hans Leenders

‘One day there was something that they couldn’t agree on, a little unimportant thing, a difference, but from then on there was no common ground between them. Only differences…’
                                                                                                                From François Ozone’s film ‘Water drops on burning rocks’

‘Differences’ was inspired by François Ozone’s film ‘Water drops on burning rocks’. It is a composition about the irony of love. About how magical and painful love can sometimes be. It can rescue you from hell and it can draw you back into it. It is an inexplicable roller coaster of feelings where two people try to deal with their differences. They talk to each other, scream to each other or laugh at each other. It is all about those tiny differences that make us come together again and again….

‘Caminos’ (2015)

For Youth Chamber orchestra

Performed by: NESKO (Nederlans Studenten Kamerorkest)

Caminos (paths/roads) has been inspired by the memory I have of the road that I used to take to go to high school and by the music that I used to listen to on my walkman while I was walking. It is one of the strongest memories that I have of my adolescence and it is strongly linked to music. Back then I was 16 years old but I can still remember the cold and foggy mornings, the threes and the suburban houses. I also remember that used to arrive always late because I walked around the school until the tape on the Walkman ended. I particularly remember a mix-tape I used to listen to, it was a mix-tape of Argentinian Tangos sang by Roberto Goyeneche, a very famous Tango singer. Although I can remember every track of it, I particularly remember my favorite ones, ‘Nostagias’(Longing), ‘Naranjo en Flor’ (Orange tree in bloom), ‘Afiches’ (Poster) and ‘Cristal’(Christal). The first melodies of Caminos have been inspired by these songs, but later on in the compositional process most of the melodic material “disappeared” and was replaced by long “chorals”. The “chorals” aim to represent that road and the landscape around it.


At night (2016) 

For Large Jazz Ensemble

Performed by: David Kweksilver Big Band

This piece was inspired by Julio Cortazar’s ‘Speech of the bear’, a short story from the book ‘Cronopios and Famas’.

David Kweksilver Big Band. Live recording from the premiere at De Doelen, 1st December 2016.

Imaginario (2012)

Trio For Violin, Clarinet and Piano.

Perfomed by: Jellantsje de Vries, Violin, Anna voor de Wind, Clarinet, Pascal Meyer, Piano.

‘You can talk to me’ (2011)

For solo Flute.

Performed By: Birgit Böhm

‘If you are lonely you can talk to me…’
                                                                 From John Lennon’s ‘Hey Bulldog’

It is very hard to translate into words what this piece is about but, whenever I try, the words emotionally oppress always come to my mind. The origin of this feeling is diffuse, and the figure of the oppressor seems to be absent. The flute melody symbolizes those words or those thoughts that we cannot share with anyone and the struggle to break free.You can talk to me was premièred by Susanne Peters in October 2012 during the Luciano Berio Festival in Den Haag, The Netherlands. This recording is from the performance of Birgit Böhm at the V Composer’s Marathon in Vienna, Austria, on September 29th of 2013.

Deep, Dark and Blue (2016)

For Large Jazz Ensemble

Performed by: David Kweksilver Big Band

David Kweksilver Big Band and Claron Mc Fadden. Live recording from the premiere at De Doelen, 1st December 2016.

Gradually, the beautiful universe was abandoning him; A stubborn haze wiped the lines of his hand, the stars dissappeared from the sky, the earth was unsteady beneth his feet. Everything went away and confused.

Jorge Luis Borges

‘When you come to see me I will be already gone’ (2011)

Music for Clarinet, Piano and String orchestra.

This piece was written for the dance performance  ‘When you come to see me I will be already gone’ by Annika Pannitto
’Let’s walk into the woods.
I’ll go first but I won’t guide you until the end.
I am not your guardian angel’.
                                                        Annika Pannitto

‘An Endless Night’ (2013)

For nine instruments

Performed by: DoelenEnsemble

Just when things seemed to be improving, right now, when I thought I had earned a break, a well-deserved moment of peace. But no, there is always something else, and we have to give and give once again. And we have to keep moving without having time to enjoy all those things we are leaving behind forever.
I have fear of things to come, I have fear that the worst is yet to come. I feel restless and sad and I cannot sleep, and there are times when life feels like an endless night.
An endless night was commissioned by the Doelenensemble and it was premiere on November 20th 2013 at concertgebouw De Doelen, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


‘Dans Le Bleu Cristal du Matin’ (2012)

For Wind Ensemble and Double Bass. 

Performed by: Netherlands Blazers Ensemble.

This piece was inspired by Charles Boudelaire’s poem Le vin des amants and by a typical Dutch autumn morning. The piece was commissioned by the Concertgebow De Doelen and The Netherlands Blazers Ensemble as part of the evening Mozart Exploded. The commission consisted in writing “a response” to Mozart’s Adagio from the Serenade No. 10. The piece was premiered by the Netherlands Blazers Ensemble on October  21st 2012 at De Doelen in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


‘Girl with the white flag. Portrait of Ingrid’ (2012)

For Electronics.

This piece was written for the dance performance ‘Girl with the white flag. Portrait of Ingrid’ by Annika Pannitto
Presenting the invisible side of a human being means for me to have the chance to see another layer of what and who we are. I would like to guide the audience towards a deep observation path because only with attention and care it is possible to discover a secret.

Annika Pannitto